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THANK YOU so much for all the help getting these items ordered and shipped! I received the bag tags today, packed up the first packages to present these to our associates, and it was a HUGE HIT! The logos were big, bold and fabulous. I couldn’t have hoped for better service from a vendor. Please extend my thanks to everyone involved in this process. I look forward to working with your company in the future.
L.W., Kansas City, MO


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Whether you have a good idea of what you want or are just looking for ideas, our online database of promotional products that we offer is a great place to start. You can search for promotional products by category or key words and can narrow your search by price range and more. (You might want to check out the search tips shown below.)


Chances are pretty good that you'll find just what you need through the online search functions. But if you don't find what you're looking for don't fret. The more than 500,000 products shown online are only a small part of what we offer! So if you can't find it..let us know!



Finding a product or an idea is made easier by following a few of our suggested search tips.


Beware of Trade Names!

Certain products are commonly known to the general public by trade names that we cannot legally display in our search. When searching for a product that is known by a trade name, try using words other than the trade name when you search. An example of this are spring/coil toys which can be found in the "Toys & Novelties" category using the keyword "spring".


Getting too many results?

Think about the most unique aspect of the product for which you are searching. You can then use the refine search option to narrow down your search using that unique word.


Not sure of your product's category?

Not sure of your product's category? Try using the keyword search without a category. Your search results will be sorted by category, which you can use as a guide for future searches.


Start Simply...

Start out with a simple search using the most important aspect of the product as your search criteria. Being too specific might rule out items that would work perfectly for your promotion, but their description varies slightly from what you are currently have in mind. If you get too many results, you can then refine your search.


When Searching by Price...

The product search will search by the price that is listed for the highest quantity for each product. When looking for a smaller quantity of an item, try searching for a higher price range since the item may cost more for smaller quantities.

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Canopies & Awnings Glow Products Paperweights Telescopes
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Caps & Hats Greeting Cards Pedometers Thermometers
Grippers Pen & Pencil Accessories Thermostats
Carabiners Grocery Aids Pen & Pencil Holders Tiaras & Crowns
Carafe Sets Guns Miscellaneous Pen & Pencil Sets Tie Clips
Carafes Hair Accessories Pencil Cases & Boxes Ties
Card Shufflers Hair Care Pencils Tiles
Cards Halloween Decorations Pennants Timers
Carriers - Misc Hammocks Pens Tins
Carts Handkerchiefs Pepper Mills & Pepper Mill Sets Tissues
Carving Sets Handles Pet Accessories Tool Boxes
Cases Hangers Phone Accessories Tool Kits
Cassette Players Hardware Tools Phone Calling Cards Toothbrushes
Cassettes Headbands Phones Toothpicks
Catalogs & Catalog Sheets Headphones Photo Cubes Tops & Spinners
Certificates Headrests Photography Accessories Towelettes
Chairs Heaters Physical & Therapeutic Aids Towels
Chalk Holders Picnic Baskets & Kits Toy Airplanes
Charts Holograms Picnic Coolers Toys & Novelties
Cheering Accessories Holsters Pillows Translators
Chewing Gum Hooks Pins Travel Accessories
Chimes Horseshoe Specialties Pitcher Sets Trays
Christmas Decorations Hoses Pitchers Treasure Chest Promotions
Cigar & Cigar Accessories Hotel Amenities Place Mats Trees
Cigarette Holders Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers Planners Trivets
Clamps Humidors Planters Trophies & Trophy Accessories
Cleaners Ice Buckets Plants Tube Squeezers
Clipboards Ice Cream Makers Plaque Accessories Tweezers
Clipfolds Ice Packs Plaques Umbrellas
Clippers Ice Picks & Crushers Plates Uniforms
Clips Ice Scrapers Playing Cards USB/Flash Drives
Clocks ID Holders Pocket Protectors Utility Clips
Clothing Imprinting Pocket Secretaries Vacuum Cleaners
Clover Specialties Incense & Incense Burners Pointers Valuable Paper Holders
Coasters Index Guides Poker Chips Vases
Coffee Pots Inflatables Polishers & Dusters Vests
Coin Holders Inflators Portfolios Voice Recorders
Coin Purses Ink Post Cards Walkie Talkies
Coins, Tokens & Medallions Insect Repellent Pot Holders Wallets
Coloring Books & Sets Invitations Potpourri & Sachets Wands & Scepters
Combs Ironing Accessories Pouches Warmers
Compact Disc Players Jackets Pourers Washcloths
Compact Disc Specialties Jars Printing Watch Fobs
Compact Discs Jewelry Prisms Watches
Compacts Jewelry Boxes Promotion Water
Compasses Jewelry Rolls Protectors Water Heaters
Computer Accessories Jugs Punches Weather Instruments
Computer Software Jump Ropes Puppets Whips
Computers Kaleidoscopes Purifiers Whistles
Condoms Kazoos Purses Windsocks
Containers Key Cases Puzzles Wine Accessories
Contest / Sweepstakes Key Holders Racks Wine Chillers
Cookie Cutters Key Reels Radios Wine / Champagne
Cookware Key Tags Rainwear Wrist Rests
Corkscrews Keys Razors Wristbands
Cosmetics Kitchen Accessories Recorders Yardsticks
Costumes & Accessories Kites Recycling Aids Yo-Yos
Cots Kits Reflectors Zipper Pullers
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