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Pinocchio LE Marionette - Out Of Stock

Pinocchio LE Marionette - Out Of Stock


product details

We are sorry but this item is out of stock

We are sorry but we have sold out of this limited edition item.


Special Limited Edition Pinocchio Marionette.

Product Information

• Edition Size: 1940

• Item Size: 35 x 9.5" x 9.5" (Including strings and handle.

• Fully-articulated for movement, with airplane style handle.

• Resin with hand-painted wood grain detail and hand-detailed costuming

• Inspired from the original marionette sculpted head

• Includes display stand with individually numbered plaque

• Comes with Storycard and Certificate of Authenticity

Product Description

Bring Home a Real Treasure Inspired by the Past! Master Replicas is proud to announce an authentic limited-edition replica of the original marionette used in the creation of Walt Disney’s animated masterpiece, Pinocchio. After filming, the sculpted model of the marionette’s head was presented to master puppeteer Bob Baker, whose work Walt Disney knew and deeply admired. That same model, safeguarded for many years, has inspired Bob’s meticulous recreation of this real treasure from the past. He’s yours for making dreams come true – with no strings attached!