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Little Jeff Ventriloquist Dummy With DVD - Out Of Stock


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We are sorry but this item is out of stock

PLEASE NOTE: This dummy should not be confused with our Standard Upgrade, Deluxe Upgrade or Super Deluxe Upgrade dummies. This dummy has a plastic control stick, the eyes are not self centering, it does not have the added wig that comes on our Deluxe and Super Deluxe Upgrades, and the mechanics are not as smooth and quite as on those other models.


This 30" dummy looks and operates like the Little Jeff that Jeff Dunham and Peanut use on stage. Make the mouth move up and down and eyes move side to side by using triggers on the control stick inside the body. (Eyes do not self center.)

Instructional DVD and Course Booklet is included! Learn the art of ventriloquism in 10 simple lessons. The booklet also includes a few sample routines for you to get started. (As with all of our other dummies, this doll will not stand on its own.)