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Katie Deluxe Upgrade Dummy with Moving Eyes - Out Of Stock


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We are sorry but this item is out of stock

30" upgraded and converted dummy with moving eyes, red hair in a French braid, hard hollow body, ball and socket neck, eyelashes and clothing. The head is mounted on a wooden post and can turn full circle, tilt, and nod! The mouth and eyes work by pulling levers on the control stick. Eye color may vary from that shown. Easy to use. Comes with the "Seven Simple Steps To Ventriloquism" instructional booklet. Actual clothing and hair color may vary from the picture - particular colors, design and style can not be guaranteed. Click Here to find out about our upgraded dummies and what makes them so special or click on the arrow below to watch a short introduction to our ventriloquist dummies. Click Here to see which dummies are in stock and ready to ship.

Choking Hazard