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FX Backpack Grilln Chill Combo - Out Of Stock

FX Backpack Grilln Chill Combo - Out Of Stock


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We are sorry but this item is out of stock

The Fridge Xone Backpack Chilln & Grilln Combination Cooler/Grill fits in its own convenient cooler/grill backpack with exclusive dual chamber technology. This large capacity 10 can cooler boasts a special compartment to hold your grill. Grilln on the go has never been this easy! The easy to clean chrome duel flipper grill has retractable handles that allow it to fit in the special grill compartment of the carry bag beneath the grill pan. The Fridge Xone cooler bag is ideal for storing hot dogs and hamburgers on ice along with your favorite beverages and is leak-proof when laying flat or being worn upright as a backpack. The upper compartment of the backpack is a dry pocket convenient for storing chips, paper plates or all your grilln gear.