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FX-48 Wheeled Collapsible Grilln Chill Combo - Out Of Stock


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The new Fridge Xone™ 48 Can Wheeled Grill’n & Chill’n™ Combo offers two types of cold storage in a unique new collapsible cooler on wheels that is teamed up with a collapsible grill. The grill fits in a separate back pocket on the cooler. The cooler’s dual compartment storage system which holds 48 cans & your grill’n gear consists of an iced storage compartment to keep your beverages icy cold with a fold down rigid bottom for added support and the Fridge Xone™, a patented separate Refrigerated Pocket™ to keep your sandwiches, cold cuts, and meats for grill’n cool yet dry. Silver Tech™ Insulation allows for all day use, expandable cargo straps allow for carrying extra gear and Telescopic luggage handle makes maneuvering easy even over rough terrain. There are also valuables pockets for cash or keys.