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CLICK TO SEE MORE Professional Ventriloquist Dummies  - Carved Wooden Dummies & More

Professional Ventriloquist Puppet Tony - SOLD
We are sorry but this figure has been sold.


This professional ventriloquist dummy is approximately 38” and features:

-Carved wooden head and hands

-Hard hollow body / fabric covered and with padded shoulders

-Heavy duty arms and legs

-Side to side self centering eyes

-Raising AND lowering eyebrows

-Ball and socket neck joint to allow head to turn, tilt and nod

-Deluxe dark auburn wig and auburn eyebrows

-Brown eyes

-Clothing as shown

Although we may re-use the name of this dummy, there will never be another one exactly like it due to the hand carving and painting!


Price shown reflects a savings of $276 from normal pricing!

This professional dummy is one of the first of our new line of wood carved ventriloquist figures. In development of this line, dummies were created with some differences from what will be standard moving forward. Because this is one of those dummies you have an opportunity to get a carved wooden dummy at a tremendous saving! Differences on this dummy from what we anticipate being standard in the future are:

-The moving eyebrows have dual controls. One control moved them up and one moves them down. We have moved to a single controller for both movements.

-Axle position for the mouth is in a more forward position which provides for a different mouth movement than the set-back axle position that we have moved to.

Price : $1199.00