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Ready to buy a ventriloquist dummy? ThrowThings has so many dummies in stock and ready to ship! Even more are almost ready!

We wish that we could make every version of every character immediately available to everyone that wants one all the time. Unfortunately because of the great demand for our ventriloquist dummies and the great amount of time put into each hand crafted upgrade by our figure makers it just isn't possible all the time. Our figure makers are constantly working on more upgraded dummies. Those that are available to ship immediately as of the time of this posting on May 2, 2023 are shown below as noted. If you choose to place an order that is not available to ship immediately we will ship as soon as possible. Anticipated ship dates are shown for a number of figures but these dates ARE NOT GUARANTEED. If you place an order now for an item that is out of stock we will ship as soon as possible. IF YOU HAVE AN EVENT AND NEED YOUR VENTRILOQUIST DUMMY SENT FOR SCHEDULED DELIVERY BY A CERTAIN DATE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US TO CHECK ON THE CURRENT STOCK STATUS AND SHIPPING TIMES.

We will update this list and the rest of our site as often as possible. The list below is accurate as of the time of posting on May 2, 2023.

Click Here to find out about our basic ventriloquist dolls and our upgraded ventriloquist dummies and what makes them so special.

The Carol Channing Basic Ventriloquist Dolls and Carol Channing Upgraded Ventriloquist Dummies have sold out and we do not currently anticipate having any more.

Anticipated ship dates are subject to change as orders come in for figures in production and based on our figure makers' schedules.

Please feel free to contact us if you are would like to check on availability of any dummies or products not listed here.

Because of circumstances beyond our control (such as delays in manufacturing, customs clearance, etc) we are not able to guarantee dates that the items will be back in stock, but the any estimates above are believed to be accurate at the time of posting.